January 17, 2010

Julian Casablancas played Terminal 5

It seemed very appropriate that the first live show of 2010 I attended was by the man who fronted the band responsible for my second favorite album of the past decade. It has now been four years since the last Strokes album and the fourth is feeling like the next Chinese Democracy, which I am desperately hoping is not true, so when Julian announced that he was releasing a solo album and touring I felt it necessary to attend. For his solo debut Phrazes for the Young Julian ditched the Television sounds of the Strokes and picked up some Blondie inspired new wave vibes, a fitting progression of New York music. Despite some negative hype calling his album space-prog-pop, his recent L.A. residency not living up to his expectations, and full leather attire which finally seemed fitting in a venue called Terminal 5 he point out, this show was nothing short of awesome. From the opening of "Ludlow Street" the crowd was instantly hooked and praised Julian for his long waited return to his hometown. His synthpop hits sounded even better live and there was nothing better then seeing him return to his microphone stand and croon the night away. The show was packed with energy and after he admitted to getting over his nerves Julian actually looked as if he was having a good time, something I never could say about when he played with the Strokes. While everyone continues to hold their breath for the next Strokes album, Julian still had the crowd in the palm of his hand throughout the show. Everyone was hanging on his every word and girls swooned as he sang the B-side "I'll Try Anything Once". When the Strokes return to the stage this summer, there is no doubt that they will appease their beloved fans and bring back the rock and roll once again, yet in the mean time Julian is showing no signs of retiring as the Prince of New York cool.

1. Ludlow St.
2. River of Brakelights
3. 11th Dimension
4. 30 Minute Boyfriend
5. Out of the Blue
6. new song
7. Glass
8. Left & Right in the Dark
9. I'll Try Anything Once (The Strokes cover)
10. 4 Chords of the Apocalypse
11. Tourist

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