November 14, 2008

Vampire Weekend Covers The Plastic Bertrand

1. Vampire Weekend have been one of the biggest buzz bands of the year. I was lucky enough to catch them at a small venue in London this past January before they started playing much bigger places such as Terminal 5 here in NYC.

2. Back in the 80s there was an amazing French new wave band known as the Plastic Bertrand. They were pretty underground in the states, but from what I remember I think they were somewhat successful in their native France.

What do these things have in common? Well the other night in Paris VW payed homage to the new wave greats and covered their biggest single "Ca Plane Pour Moi" (a song some might remember from the movie European Vacation). Plastic Bertrand were great and I would love to see them live (reunion?) and it's so awesome to see someone pay tribute. If you're not familiar with their work I highly recommend the following: Ca Plane Pour Moi, Major Tom, Stop Ou Encore, and Asterix est La.

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Emily said...

Plastic Bertrand was Belgian, fou!!