September 3, 2008

Snap. Crackle. Pop.

If you know anything about me it is the fact that I love music. It is my ultimate passion and I live it and breathe it to no end. It should then come to no one’s surprise that perhaps my most valued possessions are my records. Of course my music collection is my world, but even more then I care about my 15,199-song itunes library, I care about my vinyl.

To me there is nothing like putting the needle down, hearing the crackle, and then hearing a form of sonic pleasure. Nothing sounds as good as when you hear it on vinyl. Sometimes it’s like hearing a record in a whole new way. The gentle opening notes of “Everything In It’s Right Place” off of Radiohead’s Kid A almost transcend out of the speakers like nothing I’ve heard before as opposed to the almost trapped and compact sounds that come out of an mp3 or compact disc. Don’t get me wrong I love living in this digital music generation and I would not listen to nearly all or most of the music that I do if file sharing was not possible, but now I am going back to music at it’s roots.

Vinyl is truly for the real music fan. The space required and time that it takes to find such classics is not for everyone, but those who do it know its worth. Upon finding my favorite albums and classic gems I feel as if I am experiencing the album in a brand new way, free from the limits of digital media. Even major music magazine Rolling Stone has stated on several occasions the importance on this resurgence of vinyl. While I’m not saying it could save the music industry, despite the fact that vinyl sales are on the rise, it could save the way in which fans listen to music. It should be more of an experience. Music is not meant to be shuffled around. When listening to vinyl you are making a commitment. There is no jumping around between artists and songs. It’s side a, then flip to side b. Perhaps Shelby Lynne put it best: "It's about as real as you can get. You got your vinyl, your weed, your friends, and while you're rollin', they're pickin' out another record. We're all taking music for granted because it's so easy to push a button. I mean, come on - music should be fun."

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