May 21, 2008

Beck - "Chemtrails"

The first single has been released from the forth coming Danger Mouse produced Beck album (check it out). I think Beck is one of those artists that consistently release good music, but for some reason people don't get as into him as they should, or at least that's my feel towards him. I always seem to forget about him and I really shouldn't. The man has put out some amazing stuff throughout his career (and this track seems to lean towards more great stuff), but for some reason I keep him on the back burner of my playlists.
In other new music news I must admit that I feel like this year has been a little lack-luster. Nothing has come around that has blown me away like albums from last year. I realize that we're only about halfway through the year, but not much has really stuck with me. Aside from the new Portishead (which is currently atop my year list) only a handful of releases have really stuck with me. Vampire Weekend was an early front runner and is something that I still really dig. M83 put out another great record, but after that I have some slim pickings. Narrow Stairs is good, but at least for now sounds just like other Death Cab albums. I was hoping for a curve ball somewhere in there and as of current listenings I have yet to hear it.

Suggested Listening of 2008:
Portishead - Third
Vampire Weekend - s/t
M83 - Saturdays=Youth
No Age - Nouns
Los Campesinos - Hold On Now Youngster...
Fleet Foxes - Sun Giant EP
Animal Collective - Water Curses EP


Colin said...

Hey man. Rockin' blog.

Besides the albums you mentioned I also liked the Times New Viking, El Guincho, and Cut Copy albums, but I agree...this year has been really underwhelming music-wise. I don't even think I've heard an album this that I liked as much as any of my ten favorites last year (I need to get the Portishead album though). But I guess last year, a lot of great albums hit late like M.I.A., Animal Collective, and Radiohead so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm looking forward to the new Hold Steady, Wolf Parade, and Spiritulized albums to name a few.

M. Britton said...

Also, to add to cloin's list, Tokyo Police Club - Elehant Shell is an amazing album, if yr into floppy-haired indie.

nice blog.