April 26, 2007

Following some of the worst rain New York City has ever seen, this past week has been absolutely gorgeous. The past weekend was amazing , it was sunny and temperatures reached the 80s. It seemed like everyone was in the park this weekend, not that I can blame them, and it seems like spring is finally here.

I saw Les Miserables last Saturday and I don't think I can say enough about this show. It is by far the best thing I have ever seen and now I've seen it on Broadway. The cast was fantastic, Lea Solanga blew me away, and everyone should go see it while it is back in New York. I believe it is closing in August so hurry and see it while you can.

On Monday night, Jen, Mary, Margot, and I went to the MET for the college night opening of the new Greek and Roman exhibit. It was a huge toga party with college kids from all over the city. It was a really cool idea for the MET as it was free and there was dancing, tours, food, and drinks. All though I think we had more fun walking through the city in our togas than we did at the actual event.

Tuesday night Jen, Margot, and I went to see Patti Smith for the last of her three shows in the "Bowery Sessions." It was the release of her new CD "Twelve" so everyone got a free copy with their admission. It might have been the best show I've been to all year and I think everyone should go see Patti if they ever have the chance. The woman was amazing, especially since it was her third show of the night, even though she was a little intoxicated. She kept rambling on and on in between songs, which was just as entertaining as seeing her sing. The set was all covers off her new album so it was a unique feel. She wooed the crowed from the moment the show began and it was non-stop until the closing chords of "Gloria."

In other news... festival time is upon us again. Coachella kicks off tomorrow with what appears to be one of their most promising line-ups ever. Tickets sold out long ago so if you're going have an amazing time and take pictures for all of us unable to attend. Lollapalooza announced thier line-up a few weeks ago and it's not a surprise that it looks like this festival is going to be amazing as well. Performers include: Pearl Jam, Daft Punk, Ben Harper, Patti Smith, Kings of Leon, Regina Spektor, Interpol, Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On the Radio, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and many many more. This could be one of the most promising line-ups out there right now. Bonnaroo is also coming up in less than 50 days and they will also be delivery quite the performers. If you can make it out to any of these festival I highly reccommend it.

Hot Tracks:

  1. Bright Eyes - All of Cassadaga. This album is amazing and I can't pick one song off of it so listen to the whole thing.
  2. Patti Smith - "Smells Like Teen Spirit". An interesting and refreshing take on a song that started a revolution and changed the course of music.
  3. The White Stripes - "Icky Thump". The first single off the new album of the same name makes me want to hear the whole thing right now.

Keep it scene in the city!

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